MyCarbon x GoodZero Join Forces to Empower Companies to Decarbonise

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In our previous blog post, we discussed why businesses urgently need to address the climate crisis and some of the challenges they face in their decarbonisation journey. 

Recognising this, we have joined forces with MyCarbon to provide comprehensive support to companies throughout their decarbonisation journey. Drawing on our respective expertise, we guide companies through every step, ensuring they have the right solutions to accelerate their decarbonisation efforts and bring us closer to our goal of limiting warming to 1.5 °C.

Two Approaches, One Mission 

MyCarbon is an industry leading provider of carbon management solutions for businesses. From humble beginnings as a side passion during a PhD project, today they’re one of the best at calculating, reducing, and offsetting carbon footprints, empowering businesses of all sizes to achieve net-zero. Their focus is on providing understandable and actionable carbon reporting, highlighting key emission hotspots and suggesting areas for improvement.


Meanwhile, we at GoodZero specialise in sourcing high-quality carbon credit projects that can be used to offset the carbon emissions a company generates, but only after they have taken steps to reduce their emissions as much as possible. We employ a rigorous evaluation process, GoodCriteria, to select projects that meet the highest quality standards while providing clients with detailed information to ensure its transparency and genuine impact. Beyond this, we only offer projects where we've built direct relationships with project developers, ensuring we can keep our clients up-to-date with the projects they choose to support.

Calculate, Reduce, Offset!

By combining our expertise with MyCarbon, we can now provide businesses with a complete route to net-zero. Where MyCarbon's services end, GoodZero's crucial role begins. MyCarbon’s focus is on supporting the initial steps of the decarbonisation journey by supporting businesses in identifying and managing their greenhouse gas emissions. Then, once a client has reduced their emissions as much as possible, we provide high-quality carbon credit projects to offset their remaining emissions. As a result, both companies seamlessly bridge the gaps between accurately assessing emissions, actively managing them, and offsetting them through high-impact, high-integrity projects.

A Shared Commitment  
"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with MyCarbon," said Eva Båsk, Head of GoodZero.

"By combining our strengths, we are not only creating a powerful synergy, but we are also paving the way for businesses to proactively address the climate crisis. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in our united mission to mitigate global heating.”

Here's what Dr. Toby Green, co-founder of MyCarbon had to say about the partnership:

“On a personal level, after doing my PhD in Bioenergy, I have a real sense of appreciation and value for what GoodFuels and GoodShipping do alongside GoodZero. We are excited to support GoodZero and their clients with the calculation and reduction side of the decarbonisation industry. At MyCarbon, we’re not specialists in offsetting solutions specifically, therefore by partnering with GoodZero, we have a method to support our clients with high-quality carbon credit projects to complement their reduction plans.”


As independent companies, MyCarbon and GoodZero leverage each other's expertise and hold themselves accountable to the highest standards. Together, we are providing the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to turn good intentions into tangible, long-lasting actions for companies of all sizes.

Start Today 

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