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Carbon capture with Norwegian climate forest


Trefadder, Norway's leading BIO-carbon capture specialist, develops climate forests to capture significant CO2 emissions. This comprehensive approach, guided by international standards and ISO certification, ensures optimal carbon sequestration through rigorous planting methods, biodiversity preservation, and meticulous documentation. This sustainable endeavor mitigates climate change and fosters local job creation, providing an impactful carbon emissions offset solution.
Why offset with Trefadder?

Norway's first traceable and verifiable climate forest


Trefadder has developed a unique framework and technology for mapping, calculation, traceability, planting methodology for carbon capture, and biodiversity. Trefadder's climate forests and carbon capture are based on the Norwegian government's "climate forest research project" worth 5 million euros. Together with our technology partner Microsoft, leading partner KPMG Canada, and Norway's most renowned law firm BAHR, they have created a robust platform for Norwegian climate forests and secure carbon capture.

Perfect growth condition

Norwegian untouched nature is renowned worldwide for its beauty, but what is less known is that Norway has excellent conditions for climate forests. Along the west coast of South Norway, there is access to nutrient-rich soil dating back to the ice age, a progressively temperate climate throughout the year, and ever-increasing amounts of rainfall.

This allows the trees to continually benefit from improved biological growth conditions in a country with political stability, strong governmental oversight, and a farmer's love for tree planting and forest care.

Local communities

Since the discovery of oil in the North Sea, Norway has become more industrialized and centralized. 
This has resulted in the closure of over 150,000 farms and significant outmigration from rural areas. Trefadder's climate forest planting creates local jobs and enhances local value creation in vulnerable rural areas along the Norwegian coast.

TreFadder SDGs
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100% traceability

At Trefadder, easily track your carbon credits with GPS-marked forest areas and a QR code for visits. You also receive clear carbon capture documentation, including climate certificates, to showcase your impact.


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Is TreFadder a for-profit company?

Trefadder is not a non-profit organization. We have pricing that reflects our costs, which remains consistent regardless of fluctuations in the carbon credit market.

Is TreFadder a certified project?

Trefadder's methodology is based on Verras VM0045, applicable to a wide range of Improved Forest Management (IFM) practices. It uses a dynamic performance benchmark for additionality and a crediting baseline created from national forest inventories. Trefadder is also in the process of acquiring ISO-14064-2 and Gold standard certifications using Verras VM0045.

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