How we work

Connecting you to high-impact projects

We help you navigate through a large and complex voluntary carbon market. We believe that our deep due diligence and close relationship with project developers contributes to confidence and trust as your decarbonisation partner.

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Offset in an impact area of your choice


Tailored project portofolio
Spread your impact across multiple projects that are close to your company's values. Our categories include projects ranging from nature based, technology based, blue carbon, climate action, and more.
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We provide end-to-end services

SBTi validation

With this support, you receive a framework and guidance to assess and validate the science-based targets of your greenhouse gas emissions reduction plans.

Retirement of carbon credits

We help you by purchasing and permanently removing your carbon credits from circulation on the voluntary carbon market.

Communicate your impact

We help you transparently and effectively share your impact with your stakeholders, for example highlighting the environmental benefits or positive impact on local communities.