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Myth Busted #5: Offsetting before net zero is a key step

You can only offset once you have achieved net-zero You can only offset once you have achieved net-zero
Navigating the carbon offset journey

Contrary to common belief, offsetting can begin well before reaching net zero. In this fifth episode of GoodZero's MythBusters Series, we navigate the carbon offset journey and debunk the myth that offsetting is only post-net zero.



Meet the speakers:

Eva Båsk, Head of GoodZero: Eva channels her decade of experience in strategic partnerships into leading GoodZero's mission of connecting businesses with impactful carbon offset projects, emphasizing transparent and practical sustainability.


Toby Green, Co-Founder of MyCarbon: With a doctorate in environmental studies, Toby co-founded MyCarbon to empower businesses with science-based carbon management solutions, fostering a pragmatic approach to sustainability.

Dispelling the myth:

Eva and Toby challenge the idea that offsetting should wait until net zero is achieved. They discuss the importance of starting to offset as part of a broader climate strategy and the impact of supporting global sustainability projects.

Key takeaways:

Offset Early: As part of a progressive climate strategy, begin offsetting unavoidable emissions now.


Moral Duty: Recognize the importance of supporting sustainability projects globally, especially in the global south.


CSR and Offsetting: Corporate social responsibility includes immediate and ongoing offsetting efforts.


Science-Backed Recommendations: Follow science-based targets for high-quality, impactful offsets on the path to net zero.

Transforming carbon offsetting perspectives

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Debunk Myths

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