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Myth Busted #4: Effective sustainability within your time constraints

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Streamlining sustainability strategies

Busting the myth that sustainability is too time-consuming, the fourth episode of Good Zero's MythBusters series showcases how businesses can efficiently integrate sustainable practices into their busy schedules.




Meet the speakers:

Eva Båsk of Good Zero's strategic approach to connecting companies with high-impact carbon offset projects highlights a data-driven approach through Good Zero's Good Criteria Framework. This meticulous evaluation process ensures carbon offset projects are high-impact, credible, transparent and support numerous SDGs. 


Toby Green, the co-founder of MyCarbon, offers expert carbon management solutions with his PhD-backed insight into environmental science. His collaboration with GoodZero enhances the series with in-depth knowledge of carbon footprint calculations and sustainability strategies.

Addressing the myth

Eva and Toby dispel the notion that environmental strategies must drain company time. They propose flexible and effective solutions for carbon accounting and data collection, showing how sustainability can dovetail with business operations without overwhelming resources.

Key takeaways:

Adaptability in Data Collection: GoodZero and MyCarbon stress the importance of tailoring data collection to fit each unique business model.


Importance of carbon accounting: Carbon accounting is highlighted as an integral part of business processes, akin to financial accounting.


Streamlining net zero strategies: The episode provides insights into developing net zero strategies that don't impede business productivity.


Regular sustainable actions: They advocate for consistent, manageable sustainability actions that align with business operations.

Effortless integration of sustainability

This episode of MythBusters demonstrates that sustainable business practices can be unrestricted due to time constraints. Stay updated with GoodZero's MythBusters series for more debunked myths and actionable environmental strategies.


Follow the GoodZero MythBusters series for insightful and practical approaches to sustainability that align with your business's time and efficiency needs.

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