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Myth Busted #3: Businesses can catalyze climate action

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Empowering businesses to take meaningful climate action

In our third MythBusters session, we confront the myth head-on: Can businesses of any size make a real difference in the climate crisis? With GoodZero and MyCarbon, discover the substantial impact your business can have on our planet's future.




Meet the speakers:

Eva Båsk, Head of GoodZero: A seasoned expert in strategic sustainability, Eva leads the charge in connecting businesses to impactful carbon credit projects. Her insightful guidance ensures GoodZero's partnerships reflect genuine sustainability goals and transparent, measurable progress.


Toby Green, Co-Founder of MyCarbon: Toby combines his extensive knowledge from his environmental PhD with hands-on experience to offer pragmatic carbon management solutions. His work helps businesses strategically calculate, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint.

Addressing the misconception

This episode tackles the misconception that only large corporations can effectuate environmental change. Eva and Toby highlight the influential role of businesses in every sector, demonstrating that targeted, manageable actions can lead to significant environmental benefits.

Key takeaways from the video:

Strategic Small Steps: Begin with small, manageable actions that can scale up and create a significant impact.


Understanding Emissions: Grasp the importance of managing scope three emissions as a vital part of your sustainability strategy.


The Power of Carbon Credits: Learn how choosing the right carbon credits can support community development and biodiversity restoration, particularly in vulnerable regions.


Active Corporate Responsibility: Acknowledge that every business, no matter its size, holds the power to contribute meaningfully to the climate crisis resolution.

Demystify your role in climate action

Join us for the third episode of the GoodZero MythBusters series as Eva and Toby dispel myths and offer a blueprint for businesses ready to take a stand for the climate. Understand your company's potential for impactful climate action.


Stay tuned for the next insights in our MythBusters series and take proactive steps towards a greener, more sustainable future for your business.

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