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Myth Busted #2: It's too expensive to start decarbonise

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Exploring affordable sustainability

Welcome to the second episode of GoodZero's MythBusters series, where we confront the myth that starting your decarbonisation journey is cost-prohibitive. With expert insights, we reveal why this belief is unfounded and how businesses can begin their sustainability efforts affordably.



Meet the speakers:

Eva Båsk, Head of GoodZero: With a decade of experience in sustainability and strategic partnerships, Eva leads the charge at GoodZero in connecting businesses with impactful carbon offset projects. Her expertise ensures that companies can trust in the authenticity and effectiveness of their sustainability endeavors.


Toby Green, Co-Founder of MyCarbon: leveraging his PhD in environmental studies, he co-founded MyCarbon to provide bespoke carbon management solutions. His pragmatic approach empowers businesses to start small and expand their sustainability measures cost-effectively.

Demystifying the costs

Eva and Toby debunk the misconception that decarbonisation is a luxury only affluent businesses can afford. They discuss how taking incremental steps and choosing the right strategies can make sustainability accessible and economically viable.

Key takeaways from the video:

Start Small: Tackling sustainability can begin with modest, inexpensive actions that make a significant impact.


Scale Gradually: Test sustainability measures on a small scale to ensure they're economically viable before broader implementation.


Affordable Carbon Offsetting: A range of carbon offset projects at different price points allows for budget-friendly choices.

Embrace sustainability today

Learn how GoodZero can guide your business in taking affordable yet meaningful steps toward decarbonisation. Embrace sustainability without compromising your financial goals.


Join us for the next episode of GoodZero's MythBusters Series as we continue to tackle misconceptions and provide clear, actionable guidance for businesses on their journey to sustainability.

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