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Myth Busted #1: All carbon credit projects are a scam

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Exploring the truth behind carbon credit projects

In the first episode of GoodZero's MythBusters Series, we tackle a prevalent misconception: Are all carbon credit projects scams? Join us as we dive into this question, providing clarity and insights.



Meet the speakers:

 Eva Båsk, Head of GoodZero: specializes in connecting businesses with impactful carbon offset projects. Her extensive experience in strategic sustainability shapes GoodZero's approach, focusing on transparency and social-ecological co-benefits. She advocates for offsetting as a critical step in a comprehensive decarbonization journey.


 Toby Green, Co-Founder of MyCarbon, blends his PhD in environmental studies with practical carbon management strategies. Collaborating with GoodZero, he offers valuable insights on carbon footprint calculations and sustainable practices.

Addressing the Misconception:

Eva and Toby confront the skepticism around carbon credit projects. They clarify that while some projects might be dubious, many legitimate and impactful projects exist. The episode explores the evolution of the voluntary carbon offset market, focusing on the importance of project certification, adherence to established methodologies, and the necessity of rigorous auditing.

Key takeaways:

1. Certification and Methodology: Check if projects are certified and adhere to established methodologies.


2. Auditing for Accuracy: Accurate carbon calculations are crucial, ensuring each credit equals one ton of CO₂


3. Differentiating Projects: Understand the distinction between long-term climate action projects and immediate carbon offsetting.


4. Preventing Overcrediting: Competent verifiers are vital to ensure the integrity of carbon offset projects.

This episode sheds light on the complexities of carbon credit projects, guiding viewers to distinguish between genuine efforts and misleading claims. Stay tuned for more insights in GoodZero's MythBusters series as we unravel more carbon emissions and sustainability myths.

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