Corporate footprint calculation

A corporate footprint calculation is a thorough analysis of your carbon emissions, pinpointing areas for improvement and enabling you to set ambitious reduction goals.​

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Why should you use a footprint calculation? ​


Calculate your CO2 emissions

Measuring your carbon footprint is a crucial first step towards reducing your impact on the environment.

Together we can calculate your scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions.

We also provide another type of corporate footprint calculations - Life Cycle Assessments. They help businesses understand the environmental impact of specific products or services.​


Define your emission reduction strategy

By understanding your emissions, you can develop a targeted approach to cutting your carbon footprint, while also identifying opportunities for cost savings and operational efficiencies.
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Key results

Meet regulatory requirements
Corporate footprint calculation ensures compliance with regulatory requirements by accurately measuring and documenting the company's environmental impact.
Understand a key product or service in detail​
By analysing various aspects such as energy consumption and transportation emissions, businesses can develop a detailed understanding of the environmental footprint associated with each product or service.
Improved environmental impact
Corporate footprint calculation helps identify specific stages in a product's life cycle where environmental impact can be minimised or mitigated.